Patient Reviews

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to Ed and the staff at Nebraska Hearing Instruments. Ed came to our home to adjust my hearing aids to my surroundings. The adjustments to my telephone and television have made a very big difference in my life.

K. Connell

Having been a customer of Nebraska Hearing Instruments for several years, I have nothing but the greatest respect for their professional knowledge and customer service that is provided by Ed and Ted. They are accommodating for all hours of the day and their hearing aids have helped my hearing considerable.

J. Mock

Ed and Ted really care about each individual and this is shown from the moment you enter their office. They always make sure you are completely satisfied before you leave, and will quickly respond to any issues.

C. Ables

The testing was outstanding! More than anyone has ever done plus they took the time to get it right. It is unbelievable that they make house calls to work with me in my home environment.

A. Novich